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Official Ruling

First, a recap: The team passes the ball badly, and it hits the tape (top of the net) outside of the antennae. It doesn’t touch the antennae, but it clearly hits the tape well outside the boundary of the court. A player is in position and manages to play the second touch off the top […]

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10. Each of your new team-mates walk on the court wearing things like; a) a plain white t-shirt or hockey sweater. b) thin kneepads, polyester shorts, and baseball cap turned backwards. b) knee-pads over their sweat pants. c) equipment from other sports such as elbow pads, batting gloves, and safety goggles. d) black dress socks […]

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Top Ten Reasons I Play Volleyball

10. I like to practice safe sets 9. Mom buys me cool t-shirts 8. I can score when I want 7. All the bumping and without the grinding 6 Yellow cards are pretty 5. Facials are free 4. I can use you for target practice 3. I can play inside and outside 2. Guys really […]

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